Become a volunteer

On 2-3 September 2023, at 10-16, the Gotland harvest season is celebrated with a big festival. The core is the Gotlandic, aromas, flavors, and traditions. Gotland is widely known for its tasty and large pantry of food and the festival lifts the entire chain from farm to fork. In 2019, the Gotland Harvest Festival was organized for the 7th year in a row and Gotland showed off its sunniest side. Just over 12,000 visitors went to the festival for two days, which makes the Harvest Festival Gotland’s largest food festival. For two years we have not been able to carry out the festival but now we can finally meet again! Gotland’s Harvest Festival can be carried out thanks to the six organizations that help to carry out the festival. The festival is growing, and we need more people who think it’s fun to be a part of showing what Gotland has to offer from farm to fork. Among other things, we need help with hosts at the entrance and hosts who guide the cars in the parking lot.

If you help with a task during a work shift, a maximum of 4 hours, then you get the following:

  • Coffee and lunch on the day you help. You will meet a new side of Gotland.
  • Free admission for yourself the rest of the day
  • Four, one-day tickets or to attend a three-course functionary dinner at Roma Gårdskrog about two weeks after the Harvest Festival
  • We usually get help from wonderful people, so you get nice company during your shift

You who choose to help get a review at the beginning of your session about tasks. Feel free to write requests about what you want to do or if there is someone you want to participate during the same session, under other information.

Many of the sessions are fully booked. But we still need help Sunday between 12 and 4 pm. Do you want to volunteer? 
Send a text to Fanny Thomsson or call + 46 720 70 24 36 or send an e-mail to D